Unknown OS / Operative Sistem


The architecture of the system has been updated to avoid the identification mechanism NIT .2.0 Artificial Intelligence . The system protects from the nucleus avoiding any information compiled by intelligence agencies, avoiding any attack to tor or to the system in an objective,

The system contains a changing structure at each start avoiding forensic analysis, designed with a different and advanced security standard. The system is designed to navigate without being detected or registered by any search engine or online platform, by denying any type of response

With a click on you can hide your activity, delete safely with different modules, verify in real time the security of the system,

Unknown soporta nuevos exploits dirigidos al Kernel dando como resultado . No soportado , inclusive a cualquier analisis de reconocimiento del sistema , 

Puedes descargarlo de aqui ,  Su utilizacion es Live CD  - USB / Virtualbox


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